This is my first body of work. It is not yet done, i still need many of the main pieces around it. The stage has been set clearly in my heart for these pieces. The visual inspiration comes from my trips to norway. There are a lot of references to the mountains, both micro and macro.

I have mirrored myself directly on top of this visual inspiration, letting all parts of myself open, and visible. The process of painting these works have been very different from anything before. They are heavy in thought about my situation, both present and over time (past and future).

The series consists of many poems and minor sketches, made prior to or while painting  “I don’t know where you’ve been”. Also supportive works have been made while finishing above mentioned piece, all of which are untitled. There will be many more of those.

I have another 3 main pieces coming in, all of them started, but not even close to being finished. the 4 pieces, starting from “I don’t know where you’ve been” is going to be a more or less linear equation, built over my life.

The last piece that lies a year or more from now, is there deep inside of me, but i don’t know how it will turn out yet.



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