I use drawing as my primary means of expressions… By primary I mean that it is the easiest way for me to make a direct interpretation of what’s inside my skull, and the means to draw can always be found no matter where you are.

I use drawing as a sketch before taking on a canvas.

I use drawings to express feelings and to create works that end as soon as they hit the white surface.

I use drawing as a study of subjects i need to understand better.

Some of the drawings found under this category have been made in St. Petersburg.It’s works that have been spent much more time with than the other drawings. That doesn’t necisarily mean that they are considered as better works by me, but it is definately drawings that has meant a lot to my understanding of the media.

I have primarily chosen works made with charcoal, pencil or pastel.

More drawings can be found under the category SKETCHBOOK


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